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Three Worlds, One Voyage:

Cruising to Antarctica (and trying to get home) during the Coronavirus Pandemic is the vivid, first-hand account of a small expedition cruise to Antarctica in March 2020 just as the Corona virus exploded across the globe. The author highlights the challenges as the virus spreads and port after port turn the ship away, international flight cancellations multiply, and reports of sick cruise ships grow.

  • Will passengers be stranded and quarantined in Argentina?
  • Will the U.S. let its own citizens back into the country?
  • Will everyone be forced to spend another three to four weeks on board?
  • Will all passengers be required to sail on to Europe?

Fascinating stories and photos take you on a journey into the vast, white Antarctic peninsula to walk among penguins, kayak past amazing icebergs, hungry seals and humpback whales. The story reflects how the crisis forced the author to address personal challenges of transitioning from a lifetime of non-stop work and action to a post-work “non-retirement” life of meaning and joy.


“This was a great read for anyone wondering what a cruise to Antarctica would be like – and much more. In additional to describing the details and experience of taking an active expedition cruise, the author did an excellent job of weaving in personal challenges and fascinating life stories, and good advice about relationships and leadership in a crisis.”

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