Smart leadership seminars

Dr. Don Jorgensen offers a special selection of workforce seminars that enhance practical leadership skills and team building for organizations, service groups and small businesses. Participants leave the seminars energized with new knowledge and techniques they can use immediately.


Power of Positive Influence

If you want to influence others, they must first like you – or at least respect you. Getting someone to do what you want involves several important skills critical to engagement, communication and negotiation. Learn the hidden power of language and tips for effective persuasion, recognition, and reward

The Impact of Change: Maintaining Relevance

Whether your organization is experiencing downsizing, mergers, growth or other significant workplace change, the effects on teams and individuals must be recognized and resolved to achieve success. Learn how to navigate the process of change to ensure that you and your team is staying relevant in the eyes of your clients or marketplace.

Putting out the Fire: Managing Conflicts

While differences that team members possess are valuable, sometimes the varying personalities, experiences and backgrounds result in tension, disagreements, or outright conflict. Conflicts in the workplace can be disruptive, but if resolved effectively conflict can also provide an opportunity for growth. Learn how to recognize conflict early, utilize effective communication strategies and tools for resolving conflicts with professionalism and poise.

Leading a Cross-Generational Team

Imagine a workplace utopia where Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials all work together in harmony. Learn how to lead and communicate across generational boundaries to accomplish that goal. Enhance your team’s competitive advantage by understanding, appreciating and utilizing these differences.

Creating a High Performance Team

Imagine creating a high-performance team where all members work together effectively. Learn how to clarify expectations, communicate effectively, build trust, and incorporate the six key components of an effective team.

What Makes a Leader?

Which leadership skills or traits can be learned? Which leadership traits are personal characteristics? Which personal traits are “red flags”?

From Winston Churchill to Martin Luther King, Jr., there are as many leadership styles as there are leaders. Identify your effective leadership style and create a personal leadership action plan.

Enhance your Presentation Skills

Many leaders today are required to speak to workplace groups or the public in the course of their work. According to national surveys, fear of public speaking ranks among Americans’ top dreads, and a lack of speaking skills can have a detrimental impact on advancement. Learn how to overcome the fear and deliver well-received presentations. Learn how to organize your talk / Creating a strong start and great finish / Tips and secret techniques for success.

Workplace Interventions: Managing the Risk of Substance Use

Every leader and every employer must understand the effects alcohol and drugs have on employee performance and how to handle resulting issues. Learn how to identify signs of alcohol and drugs at work, understand the difference between abuse and addiction, and how to intervene without violating confidentiality or employment laws.

The Secret to Time Management

Make your Time Work for YOU! From an overflowing inbox and project deadlines to family obligations, there are never enough hours. Learn the secret beyond ‘managing’ time that effectively reduces stress and increases productivity and happiness. Eliminate time wasters and gain control of your time.

Positive Communication for Leaders

The ability to communicate in a positive and effective manner is a vital skill for leaders and too often taken for granted – until trouble appears. It requires motivation, self-awareness and new skills to improve relations and lead others effectively. Learn techniques to enhance your interpersonal skills and increase your ability to persuade, motivate and succeed.

He Said, She Said: The Gender Communication Difference

It’s a surprise to no one that men and women have vastly different communication styles. Gain a better understanding of why we talk or respond so differently, learn how to appreciate the different styles and bridge the communication gaps to bring more harmony to the workplace.

The Myth of Work/Life Balance

The idea of Work/Life "balance" assumes we can achieve ideal equilibrium by rearranging the way we spend our time. Learn why this is wrong - and gain a new approach to getting control of your life and prioritize your thinking, emotions, time, energy, and relationships.

Learn how to build personal resilience that enhances coping skills, relationships and success.